søndag 13. februar 2011

I came in a really big fart

I came in a really big fart, then I just fucked off the road
Solberg ble tatt i 112 km/t i 80-sone fredag kveld, og mistet lappen. Dermed måtte kartleser Chris Patterson kjøre siste etappe. Petter ble intervjuet av engelske medier om førerkortinndragelsen tidligere i dag: 

It was late on the evening, and I came in a really big fart right past a policekontroll. They shot me with the radar and I got winked in. I tried to tell the police that I had it travelt and I had to reach the rally, but he turned the deaf ear to me and took away my driving card. As they call it in Sweden, the police man was a real shit boot. But but, It's some shit, but it's not much you can do.

It was not so funny on friday, but today we had a real good laugh about it. And mapreader Chris drived the last bit of the rally! He's not so bad of a driver, when he gets his fart up. It's worse with me, I don't know up and down on the map, so I just sit in the passenger chair and don't say a shit.

Foto: Simen Grytøyr, VG
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